Solutions in Movement

Our belief is that everyone has the ability to dance, no matter the age or skill level

Programs include BeMoved®, GentleBeMoved® & Simply Stretching

Solutions in Movement is proud to offer

BeMoved® Dance fitness program for all ages and skill levels

Designed by Sherry Zunker and offered by Calgary’s Simone Batt, BeMoved®  Dance combines choreographed dance sequences with movements that improve flexibility and coordination. Explore your potential and reach your fitness goals in a safe, comfortable, and energetic environment. All Abilities, All Skill Levels, All Ages! See how exciting fitness can be!

What is BeMoved®

BeMoved® Dance is a dance fitness experience for people of all movement abilities. During a one-hour BeMoved® Dance fitness class participants experience a wellbeing transformation. The Warm-Up infuses breath and movement through choreographed, artistic sequences that activate core strength and balance while improving flexibility and coordination. The Genre section of class uses continuous, engaging dance combinations to inspire anyone from first-time dancers to professionals. Finally, the Cool Down brings your workout full circle, leaving you balanced in mind, body and soul – feeling rejuvenated.

“Your classes have given me so much to look forward to. As a past dancer I really enjoy the different forms of dance. I feel better about my self and I am getting more fit and trim. Thanks for a great time.”
Sandra Hooper