Solutions In Movement

Our belief is that everyone has the ability to dance, no matter the age or skill level

Solutions In Movement is committed to providing an uplifting and joyful dance experience for all ages and movement abilities.

I created Solutions In Movement as I saw a growing population of adults who had either wanted to dance but never had the chance or wanted to get back to taking a class but felt intimidated for their own reasons.

I have danced all my life but recently spent some time away from my professional performance career to raise my daughter. My foundation in dance began 30 years ago in Perth, Western Australia. My parents enrolled me in dance to help build my self confidence. I never set out to become a professional dancer. I just kept doing what I loved, and as it turns out, my determination and hard work paid off. I had the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s leading choreographers and directors including being Stand By Dancer for Baz Luhrmann’s motion picture Moulin Rouge. For the next ten years I found myself cruising the world with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a Principal Dancer and Dance Captain. The last four of those years were also spent as Rehearsal Choreographer, teaching and directing the shows for a number of ships in the fleet.

Even with my experience, I, too felt intimidated by the thought of attending class again. So I set out to create an environment where adults of all abilities can come and dance without limitations and experience the joy of dance. Hey…. and why not, don’t you deserve to take that time for yourself?

You deserve it!

Solutions In Movement provides dance classes for adults of all skill levels. I want you to experience a pain free workout that burns calories, utilizing the upper body with low impact, non-jarring movements on the body. With this method, you will still be able to get out of bed the next morning! Suitable for all levels of dance. Beginners will leave feeling a sense of accomplishment and experienced dancers will leave feeling fulfilled.

As a certified BeMoved® instructor, I am thrilled to introduce this unique dance program, the first of its kind in Alberta.

Director / BeMoved®
Certified Instructor –
Simone Batt

BeMoved was the perfect answer to my shoulder problems.  The exercises in your programme are the best.  No equipment required.  Natural movements that you do in everyday life.  I could hardly wait for September to arrive so that I could resume my fitness routine.  It has helped me tremendously.  The Bollywood class is especially good for my arms and shoulders.  I now enjoy total range of motion.
I enjoy your upbeat personality, Simone.  Our classes are so much fun with the great music, dance routines and terrific instruction.  You have created a wonderful dynamic.  I cannot overemphasize how much I appreciate your professionalism and hard work.  We are lucky to have you at SEESA. 
Valerie McDonald