Solutions In Movement


I firmly believe the biggest gift we can give ourselves is grace and time. 


We can literally apply these two words to just about every aspect of our

lives, be it work, relationships, family and personal health.

Two pretty powerful words, that I feel as humans we acknowledge but

struggle to give ourselves. Always too busy taking care of other people, to

give ourselves the grace and time that we really need to take care of

ourselves. We can fall  into the trap of too many To Do lists and then

criticizing ourselves for not getting everything  wanted done. Or, knowing

you should do something and just have zero motivation to even start. 


I know I have absolutely felt this way when it comes to movement and



Oh no, the dreaded F word! Fitness!


Being a former professional dancer, I was the queen of comparison.

Comparing myself to what I was like 25 years ago,  training 9 hours a day, 5

days a week. There is no way I could possibly expect myself to magically

become that girl again. However every time I would try a dance class or

fitness class, within a matter of seconds I would regress back to the ballet

barre, and beat myself up for not being the athlete I once was. Unrealistic



Reality check!  Surgeries, babies and life happens. Life changes, evolves,

and those expectations just don’t serve me anymore, so why should I put

myself through that. I shouldn’t and you shouldn’t either.


So what expectations can you drop that no longer serve you?

What’s my point here? Give yourself GRACE AND TIME. 

Grace and Time to nourish your soul through movement. 


There is no judgement here.  You don’t need to keep up appearances, to fit

in or look a certain way. 

We do what we can, when we can. 

It could be bit sized chunks of movement, five minutes of focused

breathing or  an hour of dance.


Then just imagine how you will feel knowing you took a small but

actionable step for your own physical growth. 


Simone Batt

Director, Movement Coach,

Artistry Certified BeMoved®